Natasha Braier

Director of photography
Natasha Braier
After completing her degree in photography Natasha Braier moved to Barcelona to study cinematography. She attended the National Film and Television School to do her Masters in Cinematography. It was there where she learnt the technical approach to enhance her artistic approach to cinematography. She started shooting short films, commercials and music videos, but Natasha’s break into features came with 'Glue' directed by Alexis Dos Santos, a relationship she had made at the NFTS after shooting his short films. The film won in Rotterdam and participated in more than 20 international film festivals, collecting lot of awards. She shot two films in 2006: 'En la ciudad de Sylvia (In the City of Sylvia)' directed by Catalan art house director José Luis Guerín, and 'XXY' directed by Argentinean director Lucía Puenzo. 'XXY' won the Best Film Prize at the Cannes Film Festival Critic's Week in 2007, together with 3 other awards in Cannes, and more than 10 International Film Festivals awards.

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